Donna Wignall Psychic Medium

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Donna Wignall

Psychic Medium

Soul / Spiritual Coach


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You don’t need to be saved or rescued, you need knowledge of your own power and how to access it


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A candle loses none of its light when lighting another candle


tunnel Donna's appointments are carried out from her home in Tapping, Western Australia. A reading usually consists of Spirit Connection from your loved ones in Spirit, Spiritual guidance to aid you on your personal pathway and Tarot.


shows Well Respected Psychic Medium, Donna Wignall hosts a powerful and energetic show - Donna's Anam Cara Psychic Nights. Donna and a guest medium deliver beautiful messages from loved ones in Spirit


Bali-Retreat Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you seriously ready for change?
If so, I have created a fantastic Psychic and Personal Development Weekend Retreat that will provide you with the opportunity to start evolving

Donna’s Anam Cara Psychic Shows – 2019

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Psychic Medium Donna Wignall hosts powerful and energetic shows Donna and a guest medium...
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