Please do not submit this form for a reading if you are already on the wait list – it won’t get you a reading any sooner.  You can however send an email to see how much longer there is to wait.

We are about to start booking in those who submitted a reading request in April 2017. (Updated 10/08/18)

There is currently a 14 month waiting list!   

Even though it seems ages away – the time comes round very quickly.  Let us know if you are available a short notice so you can go on the cancellation list.  I know you want a reading now …. most of us would do.  Please trust the timing of your reading is always perfect.  Put your name on the list rather than wish you did 12 months ago!!  

Once I have my name down on the waiting list, when do you contact me?
Once you have completed the online form to go on the reading waitlist you should receive an automated email within 1-2 hours.  If you haven’t received the email please check your spam / junk folder first before emailing us direct  If you don’t receive any emails from us you are NOT on the waiting list.

When it is your turn for a reading we will contact you by email to schedule an appointment and guide you through the process.

If appointment offered are not suitable don’t worry.  Just let us know by return email and we will work with you to acquire a time that suits – within the below mentioned appointment times.

What are the appointment times and where do I go?
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at times of  10am, 11.15am, 1pm, 2.15pm.

Please note there are no evening or weekend appts.

Readings are all carried out from my private residence in Tapping, WA.  Address supplied when deposit is paid and appointment confirmed.

What will happen during the reading?  Do I need to bring anything?
A reading usually consists of Spirit connection and guidance to assist you in your current life situations.  You will receive information and insight regarding major decisions and upcoming events.  Tarot Cards are also used.  The cards not only highlight certain events in your life, but also give your own intuition an opportunity to ‘speak to you’.

For those specifically requiring Mediumship, connecting to the Spirit World is very subtle and beautiful – no dramatic head-spinning or levitating! This part of the reading can provide comfort and consolation, as well as a loving nudge in the right direction from past loved ones.

Nothing is ever set in stone.  The information you receive during your reading is to be used as a reference and/or confirmation for the choices you need to make in your life – it is not the law! You are still your own life director.

You do not need to bring photos or anything.  However it may be a good idea to write down any questions you want answered.

Readings last between 45 mins to 1 hour.  The reading is recorded onto a CD – the CD is provided.  I also recommend you record the reading on your mobile phone using the ‘Voice Memo’ app.

How much is the reading?
The cost is $150.  Once a day and time is confirmed for you, you will be asked to pay a $100 deposit via direct bank deposit (refundable if cancelled within 2 business / working days prior to your scheduled appointment) The balance of $50 you just bring in cash with you to your reading.

What if I need to cancel?
We completely understand things happen!!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait another 12 months.  We endeavour to re-schedule your appointment using the people on our cancellation list, but we do need 48 hours notice so this can be organised.  If we can get someone else to take your appointment – you don’t lose your deposit, someone gets an earlier reading and everyone is happy.  However, please understand, if you call to cancel the night before or the morning of your schedule appointment and we can’t get someone in, you will forfeit your deposit.

Do you do skype or phone readings?
No Skype or over-the-phone appointments are offered – otherwise there would be a 10 year waitlist!!!!

Please also note that appointments can be subject to change.


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