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Donna Wignall’s story

Hi, I’m Donna

I guide and help those who are grieving to connect with loved ones and find their way forward.

I believe that when a person passes away, their spirit returns to a universal energy source but their essence, (their individual energy source) continues. Through my psychic and mediumship abilities, I’m able to connect with individual essences, and share the messages of loved ones who have passed away with those who are living in the present.

“If you’re happy in yourself, you won’t be quick to anger. You won’t struggle and turn to coping mechanisms which diminish the quality of your life.”

Donna’s story

As a child I was curious about everything and constantly questioned my family about God, religion, ghosts, and extra-terrestrials.

I pestered them: “where do people go when they die?” … “Why do they have to die? … “What’s life all about?” … “and who are the ‘people’ in my room at night?”

I became the butt of their jokes when I shared my movie-like dream sagas each morning. They thought I was a bit weird and different.

Nobody in the family was psychic or religious so I attended church groups to satisfy my thirst for knowing and understanding. But it left me with more questions than answers.

It wasn’t until my beloved grandma Ivy died, that I was drawn to visit a clairvoyant to connect with her. The clairvoyant told me that I had ‘clairvoyant ability’ and was going to help a lot of people.

Donna’s Story

What the …? I just wanted to hear from my grandma.

This became the catalyst that catapulted me to explore Spiritualism, through a Spiritual Development Group at a local church. The switch had been turned on. I delivered accurate messages almost instantly, discussed philosophy I’d not studied, and channelled beautiful healing energies.

There was no internet. Being able to contact the Spirit World had me ‘downloading’ direct.

“When spirits communicate to me, it’s about cultivating joy”

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