Live psychic medium shows in Perth and across regional Western Australia

Connecting you to loved ones in spirit

Live psychic medium shows in Perth

Losing a loved one is possibly the most difficult thing we go through in our lives. There is anger, grief, and so much pain. There are also so many tears.

You miss that presence in your life. A phone call here, dinner there, children’s’ accomplishments and sharing your personal milestones. Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays, just aren’t the same without them. There’s a gaping hole that no-one else can fill.

And life gets so serious – you get bogged down with mortgages, jobs, and relationships, and sometimes you just wish you could have a chat, like you used to.

Have you ever wondered what they’d say if you got to talk to them one more time?

What would they think of your choices? How would they advise you on a difficult issue? What kind of life do you think they’d want for you?

But what if death is not the end?

What if you could just hear from them one more time? What if there’s a purpose to your life that you wish they could communicate to you?

Donna Wignall Psychic Medium - Perth

Hi! I’m Donna.

I have been hosting regular monthly psychic shows in Perth and across regional Western Australia for 15 years. My psychic medium shows are heart-warming and comforting events that connect people with their loved-ones in Spirit. Some may be grieving; others just want to say good-bye. I help people find a way forward with a sense of playful wonder and fascination. And this makes my shows unique. You can be guaranteed to have a fun and entertaining night, and maybe answer some of those lingering questions.

Donna Wignall Psychic Medium Perth

Live psychic medium shows

Psychic Nights

Donna shares the stage with talented guest medium/s to bring you heartfelt connections and accurate messages.

Messages from Heaven

Donna uses her psychic medium gifts to bring you comfort, healing and personal development.


“There are those who talk about change and those who make it happen. Donna’s Psychic Nights and Messages from Heaven shows, are the ensoulment of her desire to change people’s perceptions of who they truly are and what they are capable of and she does it with humour, fun and deep truths delivered in a way that does indeed change people. Whether you’re looking for evidence of the existence of the human soul or to develop your own connection, Donna’s shows are the place to be!”

David Wells

Famous Author, Mentor, Astrologer


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