Donna Wignall Psychic Medium

Messages From Heaven with Psychic Mediums Donna Wignall & Ann-Marie Docherty – Ellenbrook Friday 13th September 2019

Come along for a fast paced, amazingly accurate and entertaining demonstration of mediumship, delivered by Donna Wignall and Ann-Marie Docherty. For those who have seen Donna’s shows before you will know that these shows are not to be missed.  Each show is different but we...

Donna Wignall’s Psychic Nights – 2019

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Psychic Medium Donna Wignall hosts powerful and energetic shows Donna and a guest medium deliver vibrant messages from loved ones in Spirit and bring forward some great inspirational advice.     Donna’s Psychic Nights occur twice a month. Shows start at 7.30pm...


‘”David WellsThere are those who talk about change and those who make it happen. Donna has in Anam Cara the ensoulment of her desire to change people’s perceptions of who you truly are and what you are capable of and she does it with humour, fun and deep truths delivered in a way that does indeed change people.

Whether you’re looking for evidence of the existence of the human soul or to develop your own connection Anam Cara is the place to be!” David Wells’ (Psychic Medium from UK TV’s Most Haunted)

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