Workshops with Donna Wignall

Can I learn to be psychic, read tarot or be a medium?

Intuitive skills are a gift everyone can rediscover and upgrade, and it is always a journey.

Donna helps you to develop your skills, with one important difference. She’ll help you develop your seventh sense – your sense of humour.

Donna Wignall Psychic Medium

“I coach, support and guide people wanting to take responsibility to elevate, evolve and lift the vibe of their life”.

I don’t offer a quick path
If you’re like me, you are on a personal development journey that has seen you discover your authenticity while connecting to universal energy. I can’t guarantee that you have what it takes to be a psychic medium, but I can share with you the secrets – helping you reconnect yourself with gratitude, compassion and love. In this place, you will tap into parts of yourself you hadn’t realised.

30 years ago, there weren’t any courses or hardly any books or anything on TV. My insights were gained by sitting in a private circle, connecting with Spirit and downloading directly. There was nobody’s ‘version’ – it took years and years and years. And it involved attracting the energy of those who are like me.

Donna Wignall Psychic Medium Perth

There are no short-cuts. The more you develop yourself, the more able you are to interpret the message.

This is what I offer my students – the chance to lift your vibe by finding your tribe.

Mediumship workshops

Past Present Future

Learn from the past, engage in the present, manifest your future

Beginners Mediumship Level 1

A solid foundation for soul growth, connections and developing wisdom

Mediumship Development Level 2

Techniques and exercises to take your mediumship to the next level

Tarot workshops

Beginners Tarot Level 1

Compact and easy into the Tarot

Beginners Tarot Level 2

Delve into the Tarot deck in more detail

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