WYSIWYG Oracle Charms

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Oracle Charms

In a ‘New Age’ market flooded with Oracle Cards, I felt it was time to resurrect good old fashioned charms.  Charms and humans have travelled time together – way before cards were ever invented.



In a ‘New Age’ market flooded with Oracle Cards, I felt like it was time to resurrect good old-fashioned charms. Charms and humans have travelled time together since way before cards were ever invented.
You can also use the Oracle charms to add another dimension to your Tarot/oracle card readings. All you have to do is close your eyes, choose a charm, and place it over each card. You’ll be amazed at how brilliantly this works.
Some charms will bring instant logical meanings that make sense for yourself or others, while others will require some pondering. Get ready to unleash your intuition.

Choosing between charms and oracle cards ultimately depends on personal preference and what resonates best with you. However, if you’re leaning towards charms for a change, here are a few reasons why they might be the better option for you:

Tactile Experience: These charms offer a tactile experience that can deepen your connection to the divination process. Handling physical objects and feeling their textures can enhance your intuition and make the reading more immersive.

Versatility: This set of Oracle charms has been specifically chosen and designed to enable you to tap into your own divine guidance, and/or messages from Spirit and Guides, depending on your intention.

Personalization: We all have our own perspectives, and these charms working wonderfully in allowing your to tap into a personal significance or meaning.  This personal connection can add depth and authenticity to your readings, making them more meaningful and relevant.

Symbolic Depth: Charms typically have rich symbolic associations rooted in cultural, historical, or spiritual contexts. Delving into these meanings can add layers of depth and insight to your divination readings, helping you uncover hidden truths or patterns.

Flexibility: Charms can be used in various divination methods, such as casting, arranging, or drawing them randomly. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different techniques and find the approach that resonates best with you.  I personally use them during readings, where I get a client to chose one then interpret what I ‘pick up’ for them in that moment, or if I’m doing Tarot, I ask the client to chose charms to put on certain cards.  It takes the reading to another level.

Ultimately, charms are a great option to utilise and enhance intuitive connection, and the specific guidance you seek.

5 Major benefits of using WYSIWYG Charms

  1. Options Galore: Charms come in all shapes and sizes, giving you lots of choices for how to do divination or interpret clairvoyant images, and are handy due to their ease of mobility.
  1. Trust Your Gut: Handling charms can help you trust your instincts more. The more you play with them, the better you get at listening to your inner voice.
  1. Get Hands-On: Holding charms lets you physically connect with what they represent. It makes it easier to understand their messages.
  1. Deep Meanings: Charms often have special meanings behind them. Learning these adds depth to your readings, helping you see beyond the obvious.
  1. Know Yourself Better: Using charms isn’t just about the future; it’s about understanding yourself. Sorting through them can reveal things about your thoughts and feelings, helping you grow.
When using the charms yourself, you can delve a little deeper and excavate memories and meanings that will only make sense to you. That is part of the magic these oracle charms weave.

Refer to the guidebook for more tips on using the charms by holding your phone camera over this QR code:

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