Dealing with COVID-19 Protocols

Please note regarding the current COVID-19 situation:

Tuesday 17th March, 2020

I have decided to suspend ALL readings during this health scare. Here’s why. I asked Holly to personally contact all my clients, booked in for this week, offering to reschedule any that had been overseas. One of whom, Holly said, was coughing and full of a cold on the phone. This person had returned from overseas 10 days ago and thought it would be ok to turn up – THIS MORNING!!! Another client who arrived from overseas in the last day or so, thought she would be ok to attend her reading TODAY because she wasn’t displaying any symptoms. That’s two in one day. #hinttakenuniverse
This is the kind of behaviour that makes me more nervous than the virus. Don’t get me wrong, if I contracted the virus, I know I would be ok. However, I can’t say the same to those around me and I would be mortified if I exposed my nearest and dearest to the virus, because someone ‘thought it would be ok!’

Therefore, Holly will be contacting everyone who has a confirmed appointment to continue with their patience, so we can re-book when the government announces it is safe to do so.  Alternatively, if you prefer, a full refund of your deposit will be issued.

Additionally, in keeping with public health protocols regarding the COVID-19 virus, my monthly Psychic Nights at Carramar and Quinns Rocks are cancelled until it is deemed safe by the government to conduct public meetings.

We all have to do our bit. I hope you understand. 

Stay safe.  Boost your immune system.  This is only temporary.



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