Loved every moment and I learned so much. Donna is a great teacher – so gifted and her personality and vibrance are a bonus! Thank you!

This workshop was absolutely awesome! Will recommend to all my friends.

Lisa G

Very in depth coverage of Tarot. Enjoyable and informative.

Again Donna always delivers. Well informed and accurate information. Love the classes that she offers and would highly recommend her to other people.

Melissa W

Donna’s delivery of the course content was decisive with loads of easy to understand information. Her humour made the day thoroughly enjoyable. I have learn skills beyond the level I started with, and I am leaving feeling confident to read a spread better than when I arrived. I highly recommend attending a workshop with Donna.

Renee B

So excited during the class to grow my understanding & meaning of the cards. You make the course so much fun. Such a lovely environment to learn in.

Wendy H

Fast, furious & full on –  covers many different aspects and angles to help build bigger pictures to deliver more information & get a better understanding.

Pat E

Great day! Lots of information that i haven’t heard or read before. Great practical ideas on how to use the Tarot straight away with extra info for later once we are feeling more confident.

Lisa E

I really enjoyed today – Tarot 2 workshop. Very informative and added more depth with the astrology and some numerology. I would recommend it!

Carmen M

Very enlightening – you open minds and make things very clear. Thank you very much!

Greg C

You have a wonderful relatable way of delivering information. Your workshop flowed in a logical way which I found easy to understand.

Bec C

Your way with words is amazing! Love the way in which you deliver the messages of the cards. I just want to keep coming back for more.

Candi A

Thank you. It was amazing. You zoomed straight in on my family, we had lost our loved one only 2 weeks ago. The messages you gave us were so accurate that we were stunned and pleased.

V Caren

You do a fantastic job. I am a watcher of John Edward – you are so much more entertaining.


A great evening! Can’t believe how accurate Donna is with the names for people. It’s amazing. Thanks for a really entertaining and enlightening night.

L Storey

Most surprising was the accuracy of the information received. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

R Hunt

Very accurate and good with details. Humorous and uplifting.

P Nowell

How wonderful – the great comfort and awareness Donna gives to people.

W Hook

I wasn’t a believer before but now I am. To know my dad is OK is a great relief

R Taylor

Unbelieveable!!! My son came back to me.

L Hart

You’re amazing! I’ve been to see John Edward in the past and you are by far the best! You uplifted everyone and I can’t wait to see you again.

L Ferrier

Thank you Donna. You not only gave me a good laugh, you warmed my heart with your messages

F Wilder

Wish to thank you for a wonderful show. Although I didn’t get anyone through I really enjoyed seeing the validation and joy on others faces. You do a fantastic job. I am a watcher of John Edward – you are so much more entertaining.


Loved your beautiful smile, laugh and humour. Gifted in many more ways are you not.

M Cameron

Second time seeing you – enjoyed this as much if not more! Congratulations Donna you are a real joy to be around

J Stoekel

First of all I have to thank you for last Wednesday night in Carramar Community Centre. It was amazing. You zoomed straight in on my family, you knew straight away that we had lost someone but you didn’t realise That we had only lost him 2 weeks ago. The messages you gave us were so accurate, we were stunned & so pleased. Thank you so much

V Caren

I had a fantastic time – you were amazing and the reaction in the peoples faces that had connection with loved ones was so lovely – especially that lady that had lost her husband the week before. At one point I thought you had my Dad, shame it wasn’t him, but like you say, I feel he’s with me anyway.

Anyway, thanks once again for a fab night, I wished it could have gone on for a couple more hours, you were not only entertaining but brilliant at bringing the messages over.

J Cromey

Absolutely fantastic. Thankyou for everything, you were so accurate.

T Nelson

Donna, your accuracy was brilliant. On the way to see you my friend and I had a conversation, which was without any doubt validated and answered by my friend’s dad in Spirit. Truly gobsmacked.

D McGrath

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