As many of you know, Scottish Psychic, Ann-Marie Docherty and I, have joined forces to create a new company COSMOSS Gateway


Our Mission Statement

‘COSMOSS is an innovative Gateway created to raise expectations, education, accountability and responsibility for professional and ethical behaviour, to achieve excellence throughout the Metaphysics industry.’

To do so we will provide an umbrella membership, training and development virtual college to Students, Members and Professional Business Practitioners in the field of Psychic, Mediumship, Spiritual Studies, Growth and Development, Energy and Healing Light Workers.

Currently they work in a ‘Universal Space’ not yet aligned or recognised as a formal ‘industry’ of the 21st century other than being tagged ‘alternative’ or New Age!.

We believe that there is an opportunity to pioneer and develop a recognised ‘Metaphysics’ industry to encompass all such enquirers, students, practitioners, teachers, coaches, hobbyists and volunteers.

For more information about COSMOSS Gateway and our courses, please go to: 

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